Yale University Art Gallery


Today the photo studio operates under the umbrella of the Visual Resources department. The Gallery employs two full-time studio photographers and one part-time documentation photographer.

  • Al Harding - Sr. Photographer
  • Rich House - Sr. Photographer
  • Jessica Smolinski (p/t) - Documentation Photographer

In addition to the photographers, the Visual Resources department employs:

  • John ffrench - Director of Visual Resources
  • Kathleen Mylen-Coulombe - Rights and Reproductions Coordinator
  • David Whaples - Visual Resources Coordinator


The Yale University Art Gallery began utilizing photographic images of its galleries and collections in the 1930’s. Through varying Yale entities photographic needs were accomplished by contract utilizing some of the people below:

Emmidio di Cusati 1936 - 1964
Richard Croteau 1964 - 1966
Joseph Szaszfai 1966 - 1988
Regina Monfort 1989 - 1991
Michael Agee 1991 - 1993
Carl Kaufman 1993 - 1999


1999 John ffrench and Alex Contreras


In 1999 The Yale University Art Gallery took the step to create an in-house, all digital, photographic department as part of a two-year grant to photograph highlights from the American Decorative Arts collection. Soon after the department grew and was made a permanent department within the Gallery photographing all of the collections.